Web Design:
Being on the web these days means more than just having a web must have a presence. Utilizing the newest technology and freshest talent, we can make your wildest dreams come to life.

Prolific Glass believes in giving you the most for your money. We work within your budget to provide you with a web presence that fits YOUR needs.

We can also host your site and submit it to all the major search engines.

Graphic Design:
Comprehensive visual development for applications in either print or digital mediums.

Our experiences include:
  • Logo Design
  • Stationary and Letterheads
  • Business Cards
  • Envelopes and Mailing Labels
  • Billboards
  • Auto/Truck Graphics

The e-Commerce market share is exploding. Why limit your sales to just the daytime hours. With an e-Commerce enabled site, you can sell your goods and services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to anyone in the world.

With our online catalog editor and sales tracking, all you will need to maintain your store and process sales is a browser.

Speed and reliability are the most important factors in deciding where to host your site. We can provide you with the highest levels in both areas while still being able to keep your costs down.

We have hosting packages for every size site and budget.

Computer Services:
PC, Laptop, Server, Printer and Scanner repairs
Troubleshoot & repair hardware on PC's, laptops, corporate servers and peripherals. Repair or replace memory, CPU, motherboard, NIC, sound card, power supply, fans, modem, IDE & SCSI disk drives, RAID controller and graphics card. Format and partition hard drives.

Hardware Installation & Upgrades
Upgrade CPU, motherboard, graphics card, memory, disk drive, modem and NIC cards. Add memory, PCMCIA cards and larger hard drive to PC's and laptops. Install whole systems, new peripherals, existing peripherals, small routers & switches.

Software Installation & Upgrades
Load, configure and update your software or purchased software. Configure PC's, laptops, PDA's and "wireless" networks. Install operating system or update existing system, migrate as much data as possible. Create "ghost" image file and burn to CD. Transfer old system to new PC!

Preventive Maintenance
Clean all fans, filters and cards, remove dust buildup and reapply thermal compound to CPU. Update operating system, virus definitions, device drivers and applications. Recover "lost" files. Tweak system to run faster--extend the life cycle of "older" equipment. Run standalone diagnostics. Clean laser and inkjet printers-remove buildup on rollers, sensors and carriage assemblies.

Create small network "workgroups" using hardwired or "wireless" Ethernet technology. Install and configure network cards (NIC) and "access points". Share broadband connection with other PC's and create hardware "firewall" for protection. Configure network protocols to create a small office or home office network. "Share" files, internet  and devices created on network. (like printers, scanners…)

Virus Protection
Install virus protection software, obtain latest "definitions", scan and "cleanup" system. Setup software to automate process for continued protection. Setup software "firewall". Perform security evaluation.

System Conflicts
Solve system conflicts, device manager problems, driver problems and network protocol issues.

Help with planning your computer purchase, upgrade, and small office or home network. Assistance in any questions pertaining to computer technology. Escort to computer store and act as your representative in purchasing equipment. Create cost-effective backup solution using ZIP and CD-R/RW drives.

Personal training on basic computer use, from turning on the PC to using the web. This training is especially designed for the beginner.